The Mehrangarh Fort, majestically perched on a rocky hill in the centre of Jodhpur. It is a magnificent reminder of the city’s lengthy history and regal heritage. This strong fortress, affectionately known as the “Crown Jewel of Jodhpur.” It has mesmerised visitors worldwide with its magnificent architecture, fascinating history, and beautiful views. We encourage you to explore the intriguing world of Mehrangarh Fort in this thorough tour. Learning its interesting stories and seeing the must-see sights housed within its walls. Taxi in Jodhpur will make your tour comfortable and easy.

Mehrangarh Fort

Short History

Rao Jodha, the creator of Jodhpur, built the Mehrangarh Fort in the 15th century. It was set as a defence for his expanding empire. The name of the fort is derived from the terms “Mihir” (Sun) and “Garh” (Fort), which stand for the Sun dynasty’s invincibility. Over the years, the fort experienced numerous extensions and modifications under various kings. Resulting in the magnificent building we see today.

The Buildings:

When approaching Mehrangarh Fort, visitors are astounded by its massive walls, which rise over 120 feet high and exude a sense of majesty and invincibility. Rajputana and Mughal architectural influences may be seen in the fort’s interior palaces with elaborate carvings, latticed windows, and beautiful balconies. You’ll be taken back in time to a previous era of bravery and chivalry as you tour the fort’s seven gates, each of which bears the wounds of wars fought.

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Spectacular Attractions: Mehrangarh Fort

Sheesh Mahal

Enter the glittering Sheesh Mahal, also known as the Palace of Mirrors, where the walls and ceilings are covered in hundreds of tiny mirrors that reflect a beguiling dance of light and create a magical atmosphere.

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Phool Mahal

Learn about the Phool Mahal, also known as the Palace of Flowers, where beautiful murals, fine stucco work, and gold filigree combine to create an extravagant setting appropriate for the king or queen.

Moti Mahal

The Moti Mahal, also known as the Pearl Palace, exhibits a magnificent collection of royal artefacts and regal relics, providing a window into the way of life of the former kings and queens.

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Temple of Chamunda Devi:

This temple within the fort complex is devoted to the goddess Chamunda. Revered by the royal family and decorated with intricate sculptures and vibrant murals.

Fortress Museum

An extensive museum detailing Jodhpur’s history and culture is located in the Mehrangarh Fort. It has magnificent collection of artefacts, weapons, traditional clothing. The artefacts on display at the museum offers insights into the history of the city and the life of its kings.

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360-degree views

As you approach the fort’s ramparts, a stunning view of the “Blue City” spreads before your eyes. Mehrangarh Fort is a photographer’s dream during sunrise and sunset because of its breathtaking views.

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The Mehrangarh Fort is a timeless example of Jodhpur’s tenacious character and regal past. By entering its gates, you’ll start a journey through time. Here you’ll be immersed in both the beauty and splendour of the past and present. The history of this “Crown Jewel” will weave a tapestry of wonder and fascination as you tour its palaces. Temples and museums, leaving you with unforgettable memories of Jodhpur’s regal splendour.